This $45 Pillow Feels Like A Warm Hug, Which is What We All Need in 2020

Confession: Before 2020, I wasn’t a great hugger. With the exception of a few people, I didn’t love hugging either. (Imagine what a hug might look like from someone who has a Larry David-esque skepticism toward social rituals with the body language of Bella Swan, and it’s probably not far off.) …And yet, months into this strange new normal, what do I keep finding myself missing more than anything else? Hugs.

Like millions of other Americans, I won’t be seeing friends and extended family members this holiday season. And like most friends and loved ones in my orbit, I’m currently gift-shopping last-minute, trying to figure out what to send during these bizarre times.

Enter Originsyes, the skincare brand—who’s nailed it in creating a cuddly-feeling gift that works for every single person with their Feel Good Hug pillows. When heated up in the microwave, these pillows feel like an actual warm hug, making them a thoughtful thing to send in lieu of an in-person embrace in 2020. (I first discovered the cinnamon-scented body wrap variation three years ago and it’s been my go-to gift since, but it feels more apt than ever during the global pandemic.)

There’s a lot to be obsessed with when it comes to these genius $45 creations. For one, the pillows double as an aromatherapy gift. Each is dreamily scented in a way that has a calming, relaxing and tension-relieving effect. (Which, considering current events, sounds really nice right about now.)

The pillows can be used to help with alleviating cramps, knots, and neck stiffness anyone working from home and starring at a screen all day likely knows all too well. (For the ladder, the eucalyptus shoulder wrap is an especially savvy choice.) Warming up the pillows in the microwave couldn’t be easier too. Origins recommends heating the Feel Good Pillows up in one-minute intervals to the temperature of your preference, thought they note that pillows should never feel hot. Oh, and all three variations come in machine-washable pillowcases too.

The Feel Good Hugs are available on Origins’ site, which is offering free shipping and guaranteed delivery before Christmas for all orders placed before December 17.

When the dust eventually settles on this dark period and it’s safe to give hugs in-person again, I vow to be a better hugger. I’m talking hugs for every single person in my life who’s okay with being hugged: IG acquaintances, our mailman, my boss (if it’s not unprofessional), relatives who like to probe about the exact moment I’m getting engaged, etc. In the meantime, for my loved ones reading this, I hope these pillows can be the next best thing this year.

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