Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out? These Products Can Help With the Recovery

I’ve been there — swollen, toothless, and a little loopy after my wisdom teeth extraction. And while I’m not an expert, I can tell you the few products that helped me through the healing process.

Dr. Sonal Bhoot, DMD, the founder of Dental Expressions Leawood, on the other hand, is an expert who can validate a few of my tricks. Her advice: ice your cheeks four to five times a day for two to three days to help reduce inflammation.

“You can take a soft diet that is easily chewable. Hydrating yourself is important during the healing time. Use the other side of the mouth for chewing until the socket heals,” she added.

Lastly, Dr. Bhoot recommended that you avoid using straws for liquids, as they might disturb the blood clot.

On average, it takes seven to 10 days to heal from your surgery, she added. These tips — and the products below — can help keep you comfortable as you rest up.

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