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XODS Continues to Gain Momentum as They Forge New Partnership With ROCKDEEP

After a fair and just grassroots launch on May 11, XODS’ token soared in percentage gains over 600,000%, rising from 0.000006$ to an amazing 0.04$ on May 16. 

XODS is a utility token on Binance Smart Chain, and here are its main use cases: XOJUMP, the privacy-oriented search engine; XODS WORLD, a virtual reality platform; XODS DASH, a mobile running game; XODS LIBRARY will also serve as a sandbox effort for decentralizing education and entertainment mediums and standards.

Over time, their secondary uses will be rolled out: governed charity pools, staking rewards, lottery pools, burning votes on infrastructure developments for their pioneers and community worldwide, etc.; all other secondary uses are outlined in their whitepaper (xods.io/white-paper). 

Y.O. Chizz, XODS Co-Founder, stated, “Once fully developed, XOJUMP will offer anonymized cyber features and operational security benefits for users and entities to utilize.” Users will be able to obtain private and anonymized virtual debit cards powered by XODS. This will serve a trifecta of uses, including but not limited to: having the choice of privacy when interacting peer to peer and/or with business entities via; give businesses access to a stream of decentralized finance users who don’t use traditional finance mediums and protect users’ sensitive information amidst the unprecedented times of cyber warfare and fraud. 

Yahshua, XODS Co-Founder, stated that “XODS believes that privacy is paramount to protect; with that intact, the true beauty of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be used to aid in the quest for self-sovereignty.” All XODS Pioneers that own businesses or professional projects are eligible for one free week of advertising on XOJUMP to assist them in building an audience/network for their business or product.

XODS Token has partnered with rapper, comedian and influencer Smackwater 790 to give the gift of decentralization to his fanbase and conduct a pop-up randomized airdrop for XODS social media followers. Smackwater recently released his album entitled “Songs In Today’s Key Of Life”, now available. 

XODS has also partnered with ROCKDEEP, a black-owned luxurious footwear and apparel company established in 2013, which carries athletic and outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories. From his experience working for Nike & Jordan, Rocky Parrish seized the opportunity to develop many relationships and connections with people and factories along the way. Rocky wants to alter the perspective of quality fashion only being expensive. Because of this burning desire, he vowed against selling unaffordable products back to his community and other communities like the one he came from. Solomon, XODS Co-Founder, stated that ”XODS & ROCKDEEP are working together to empower their communities.” With this, other black-owned businesses can see the vast benefits of having economic power circulating within sovereign ecosystems created with their benefit in mind. To make things exciting for all, a special token giveaway will be conducted for all pioneers taking part. 



Source: XODS

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