Christina Aguilera Breaks Down 12 Looks From Moulin Rouge to Dirrty | Life in Looks | Vogue

Pop star Christina Aguilera revisits her best—and boldest—outfits over her career. Spanning from her debut record to the VMAs, Dirrty, and Moulin Rouge, watch as Christina reminisces about iconic look after iconic look.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Stripped, check out Christina Aguilera’s new version of Beautiful –

Christina’s EP, LA LUZ, is now streaming, and full length album, AGUILERA, is now available.

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00:00 – “Like a Genie in a Bottle!”
00:12 – 1999 – Debut Album
00:54 – 2000 – MTV VMAs
01:24 – 2000 – Grammy Awards
01:53 – 2001 – Blockbuster Awards
03:03 – 2001 – Moulin Rouge!
04:27 – 2002 – Stripped / Dirrty
05:52 – 2002 – MTV VMAs
06:17 – 2003 – Versace / Steven Meisel
07:21 – 2007 – Paris
08:29 – 2007 – Grammy Awards
08:55 – 2010 – Burlesque
09:41 – 2021 – LadyLand Festival

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